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Rust Never Sleeps – But Money Talks

It is only natural to harbour some feelings towards your old car.  Plenty of people feel great sentimental value for their old and especially for that first car they own.  Sentimental value makes a lot of people cling onto old vehicles and end up thinking or hoping that there will be some way in which they can restore that old broken down car or at least give it to someone close by who will appreciate it.  In the end, these old cars never get restored and even when you donate it to someone special in your life, these individuals never show the same sentimental value or gratitude towards the gesture as you might hope.

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Rust never sleeps

It is a terrible idea to keep that old car in your backyard year in and year out because rust never sleeps.  Geelong has particularly high humidity levels and because this city is located on the Melbourne bay, the air contains high levels of salt.  The high humidity and salty air has a huge impact on buildings and especially on vehicles.  Steel objects are very likely to start rusting within just a few years of air exposure.  You may think that your old vehicle is still protected against rust or that there will be some way to repair rust but you are very wrong. Rust is terrible for vehicles.  Vehicle steel layers are just too thin and rust can easily erode straight through the bodywork of your car.  Rust damage to vehicles isn’t that easy to repair, especially in new models.  Vintage auto models have a good restore rate because steel used in these vehicles are thick and rust damage takes much longer to affect the steel all the way through.  The steel of modern vehicles is much thinner and much harder to repair when rust sets in.

Money talks

Instead of allowing your vehicle to waste away in the backyard while you cling to old memories you should give that steel second life.  Recycling plays a very important role in society.  By recycling steel the demand on natural resources is reduced, pollution is reduced and steel products are applied for the manufacturing of new products.  But this isn’t the only reason for you to call Geelong Cash For Car’s to come and collect your old car.  The biggest reason you should turn in that old car is because money talks.  You can get up to $6000 for that old scrap car in your yard.  This is instant cash that you can use as a deposit on a new vehicle or for anything else you might need it. Disposing of your old car also saves you a huge amount of money on the licensing of the scrap vehicle and the repairs you would have to make just to get the car up and running again.

Why there is value in your old scrap car

The first reason your old car has value is that vehicle and engine parts can be recycled into other vehicles to get them up and running.  The metals used in these vehicles are also precious and hugely in demand.  Every vehicle on the market is made up of various types of metals and materials all of which are re-used in various manufacturing industries for a great variety of purposes.

Let us collect your car now

If you want to free up some space in your yard, keep yourself from spending more money on a lost cause or simply want to help the environment then you can give Geelong Cash for Cars a call.  We will come and remove the vehicle for you before rust starts to devour the precious steel and you will receive instant cash for that old car you loved so much.