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About Us

Geelong Cash for Cars is a licensed auto wrecker and auto trader. For years, we have been serving Geelong with premium car removals that pay top cash. Sell Cash For Cars Melbourne are our partners. Over the years, we have formed many relations with leading auto wreckers, professionals and buyers. It is through these relations that we are able to provide our customers with the most from their car removals. It is our dedication to our staff to employ the most knowledgeable:

  • Customer service reps
  • Car appraisers
  • Auto wreckers
  • Auto removers

Expert Staff!

Employing the best and most knowledgeable employees allows us to pay the most on each vehicle we remove.

Our commitment at Geelong Cash for Cars is to our customers and the community in which we reside. Therefore, we practice the highest standards in the industry. Our auto wrecking system is one that is eco-friendly as we recycle, reuse and resell all parts and metals used in the construction of the vehicle. These high standards allow us to pay our customers the most on their unwanted car removals.

We provide the community with car removals that never include a towing fee or service fee. We also provide vehicle owners in the community with car removals of any type:

  • FREE Scrap Car Removals
  • FREE Junk Car Removals
  • FREE Accident Car Removals
  • FREE Damaged Car Removals
  • FREE Used Car Removals
  • FREE Wrecked Car Removals
  • FREE Broken Car Removals

We Accept a Variety of Vehicles!

Car removals are not the only type of motor vehicle we accept. We also accept trucks, vans, utes, Jeeps, commercial vehicles, 4x4s, SUVs, motorcycles, motor boats and all other types of vehicles.

Our instant cash for cars system is made to be convenient. For vehicle owners to obtain a cash offer on their unwanted car removal Geelong, we offer two means. Our first method for vehicle owners to obtain a free, no obligation cash offer is to call us directly at 0428 311 711. We also offer our customers the option to contact us through our “Instant Cash Offer” form. To use our “Instant Cash Offer” located at the top of this page, simply complete the requested information and we’ll provide you with an instant cash offer. Our cash offers never come with strings attached. Our cash offers re also worth up to $6000.

Being committed to providing vehicle owners with the best services, we accept all makes and models. Whether an old, scrap, used, new, accident, wrecked, damaged, etc.

  • Rolls Royce, Nissan, Mazda, Honda, MG, Toyota
  • Subaru, Dodge, BMW, Chevy, Volkswagen, Ford
  • Acura, Mercedes, Lexus, Acura, Suzuki Mitsubishi

Our car wreckers are dedicated to providing our customers with convenient car removals in Geelong. This is why we offer 24 hour car removals in Geelong. Scheduling a Geelong free car removal is simple. Once we provide our customers with a cash offer, should they accept, we simply schedule a time that is convenient for them. Our car removers work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So, whether the early morning, mid-afternoon or late night, holiday or weekday, we will be there.

Our car removers travel in custom vehicles. This allows us to remove entire car collections, should that be what the customer requires. Our wrecking yards are second to none, fully equipped with advanced equipment that allows us to salvage vehicles to pull the most value.

Our sophisticated equipment, experienced wreckers and connections in the business brings our customers top cash on their car removals. We avoid hazardous landfills by recycling, reselling and reusing.

Our instant cash for cars system is one that allows us to pay our customers on the spot. There’s no waiting around for a check in the mail. We bring the cash with us at the time we perform our car removals.

Our customer service reps are always standing by to offer assistance. Our car appraisers have years of experience and are able to provide our customers with instant cash offers. This comes from extensive knowledge of all makes and models.

With a few simple details, we provide you with an instant cash offer.

For excellence in car removals that pay top cash, we are the car removers to contact. For optimal service or to receive a cash offer, contact us today.

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Obtaining a cash offer from Geelong Cash for Cars is simple. We offer our customers quick and easy means to obtain cash offers.Simply contact us at the number below. You can also locate our “Get an Instant Cash Offer” form located at the top of this page.Our car removals include all makes and models, ages and conditions. Whether a scrap car removal, accident car removal, wrecked car removal, used car removal, etc. we will perform a FREE removal in any suburb in Geelong.

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