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Car Wreckers

Need an expert car wrecker that knows the value of your vehicle and WILL PAY its worth? Then, call us today. Geelong Cash for Cars pay up to $6,000 on all free car removals we perform.

Experienced Auto Wreckers In Geelong

We are a licensed car wrecker with years of experience in the business. Our knowledge extends to all makes and models, ages and conditions, including but not limited to:

Ford, BMW, Volkswagen, Chevy, Subaru, Dodge, Nissan, Rolls Royce, MG, Toyota, Mazda, Honda
Mitsubishi, Mercedes, Lexus, Acura, Suzuki, and, all other makes of vehicles. Running or not, have the expertise and needed tools to collect any of your auto wreckers of the following types;

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Vans
  • 4x4s
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Utes
  • Jeeps
  • Motorcycles

Hassle Free Car Wrecking Service to Help You at Any Time

There’s never a hassle. And, we are committed to always offering our customers top dollar on their vehicles, without haggling! First offer is a top cash offer. Just give us a call today to see what that unwanted vehicle collecting dust in your yard is worth! Get your yard back to itself and cash in your hand as soon as this afternoon.

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Our Car Wreckers in Geelong Is Part of the Recycling Industry

The recycling industry is very important because it keeps our environment clean and reserves our natural resources for future generations. Geelong Cash for Cars car wreckers are particularly passionate about recycling and green living. We equip our wrecking yards with all the necessary tools and equipment for optimal dismantling services combined with master dismantlers. Our car wreckers participate a recycling process in which all of the parts and components of the vehicle are removed. Once the parts are removed, they then crush the metal of the vehicle into scrap metal. The process is one that practices green standards, avoiding damaging landfills and ensures that all reusable parts are resold or reused in the manufacturing of new products.

This process also allows us to offer our customers the most value on their unwanted car removals in Geelong while restoring balance to our beautiful planet.

Trucks, 4x4s, SUVs, Vans, Motorcycles, Utes, and More

At Geelong Cash for Cars, we accept any type of motor vehicle, running or not. Have a 4×4 that’s been in the ditch one too many times? Maybe a van that’s just hard to sale? Or perhaps you have a truck with its engine torn out? No problem! We offer free car pick up anywhere in Geelong and pay up to $6,000.

  • 4x4s
  • Trucks
  • Vans
  • SUVs
  • Motorcycles
  • Utes
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Cars

When you have a vehicle of any type, any condition and any age, just give us a call. We accept all makes and models and our auto wreckers pay top dollar for your old scrapped vehicles.

Why Choose Geelong Cash for Cars car wrecking services?

Geelong Cash for Cars car wreckers are the best in the business. Our wrecking yards and auto wreckers start with a free car removal. All the tedious and tiring work of prepping and loading the vehicle for transport to the wrecking yard is performed by professionals with all the needed power tools to take care of these tough jobs.

Our car wreckers in Geelong are also part of the recycling industry and help to create a better, cleaner and more efficient world. This eco-friendly car pickup and recycling process allows us to leave the smallest imprint on Mother Earth.

And while you are getting rid of your old scrap customers get up to $6,000 cash on their removal for their old auto wreckers. It is the ultimate win-win situation for everyone.

Need a car pick up? We can remove car collections, as well. Traveling in custom vehicles, our car wreckers are able to handle any size loads.

When you choose us, you choose:

Fast, friendly and efficient car removals

  • 24 hour a day car removals, 365 days a year
  • Licensed auto wreckers and traders
  • Top cash removals
  • Free, no obligation cash offers
  • No hassles, no haggling
  • Remove all sizes and shapes
  • Accepts all makes and models
  • Accepts all ages and conditions

Just give us a call today.

How to Obtain a Free, No Obligation Cash Offer for Your Car Pick Up

Ready for a cash offer? Then, have a few details about your vehicle ready. The make, model, year and condition. Not sure? Our vehicle appraisers will be able to help anyway. To get started:

  1. Give our car wreckers near me a call on 0428 311 711.
  2. Just located our “Instant Cash Offer” form at the top of the page, and fill it out. Once submitted, we will be to you with a cash offer for your unwanted car removal Geelong.

We pay instant cash at the time we perform our car wrecking removals. We also work around the clock, so you let us know when you would like to schedule your FREE car pick up.

Contact Our Car Pickup Service Today

Get up to $6,000 on your Geelong car removal today. We offer:

· Old car removal
· Scrap car removal
· Accident car removal
· Used car removal
· Damaged car removal

Get instant cash, on the spot when you have your car removal performed by us! Our car wreckers are experts in the trade. Whether a single vehicle or an entire collection, we can handle the job. And, pay TOP CASH on each auto wrecker we remove. Schedule a day or night removal, any day of the year.

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